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I’m Katy Jardine Mills and I very much believe in the philosophy of style, believe, dream and Travel, in no particular order. Living in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa at the moment, but still chasing the sun in the winter.

I studied Interior Design in Cape Town at Design Time, worked with one of my most influential people of my career thus far, Pauline Mutlow designer and owner of LIM. I then moved to Australia for 6 years where I learnt from some of the best in the Interior Styling industry, and on several magazines such as Gourmet Traveler & Donna Hay.

I am now currently working in Cape Town & Europe specializing in Prop styling.

I am represented by Six Love Agency in Cape Town.

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Magdalena Wosinska (USA) / Olivia Graham (USA) / He&Me (GR) / Nils Odier (SW) / Simon Puschmann (GR) / Marc De Groot (NL) / Rick Truscott (UK) / Paul Raeside (UK) / Matt Hind (UK) / Anders Overgaard (GR) / Nick Leary (AUS) / Chris Colls (AUS) / Brett Danton (AUS) / Edward Durrutia (AUS) / Ulrich Knoblauch (RSA) / Eric Frideen (UK) / Peter Beavis (UK) / Yvan Fabing (GR) / Jeroen van der Spek (NL) / Anders Schønnemann (DK) / Olaf Wipperfürth (GR) / Torsten Orendt (GR) / Ben Northover (UK) / Ian Boddy (UK) / Inge Prins (RSA) / Justin Badenhorst (RSA) / Stephen Greeff (RSA)

VW / Mercedes Benz / Woodford Bourbon Whiskey / Jimmy Choo / Kipling /
Debenhams / Carling black label / Marks & Spencer / Urbanara / Panache lingerie / Mama’s & Papa’s / Fat Face / White Stuff / Wedding Wire (aap) / Monsoon Kids / Pall Mall / Matalan / S.Oliver / Karstadt / Breuniger/ Hagebaumarkt